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With our customized Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010  training learn how to create and format slides, add media and special effects. Your training is “hands on” where you create actual slides & view them for clarity (Not just listen to the theory.) Work with your own PowerPoint slides and organize them into a complete slide show. By working with your own presentation (or similar slides) you will create slide shows you can use immediately, saving time and money.

Below is a suggested list of topics but these can be modified to suit your needs.

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
Training Level 1 – Introduction

Topic 1: Microsoft PowerPoint Training Basics

  • Explore Microsoft PowerPoint – New Features (Smart guides, video support etc.)
  • Find templates to suit your purposes
  • PowerPoint views (Normal, Slide Sorter, and Reader etc.)

Topic 2: Adding & Editing Microsoft PowerPoint Slides

  • Adding a new slide
  • Select the Slide layout (Use a clear slide layout to enable the audience to assimilate the content)
  • Add text and pictures (and manipulate photos without specialized software)
  • Edit and space text
  • Change bullet points into appealing graphics easily
  • Insert shapes (simple arrows, ovals etc.)
  • Add animation to highlight important points

Topic 3: PowerPoint Drawing Tools and SmartArt Graphics

  • Edit & align shapes
  • Insert SmartArt – a set pre-made Graphics (which can be modified and added to)
  • Select the best type of SmartArt
  • Change Object Attributes
  • Modify the PowerPoint Slide Master (Global changes)
  • Using the Slide Master to save time
  • Edit the Slide Master

Topic 4: Microsoft PowerPoint Extra Options

  • Spell Checker
  • Adding Slide Transitions to a Slide Show
  • Rehearsing a Slide Show
  • Find and Replace Text for new shows
  • Create Speaker’s Notes

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007 Training Advanced

Topic 5: Creating PowerPoint Data Charts Adding Charts to PowerPoint

  • Insert an Excel Spreadsheet in MS PowerPoint
  • Modify a chart: series, axis, legend etc.
  • Format a chart series

Topic 6: Advanced Text Formatting in Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Change Text Attributes (kerning etc.)
  • Fit Text into Shapes
  • Use WordArt
  • Insert a Word Table
  • Export to another application

Topic 7: Work with Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

  • Adding a Background
  • Working with a Color Scheme
  • Change the Design Template
  • Create a Presentation Template

Topic 8: Advanced Slide Shows, add Video, Sound & Animation

  • Adding Video, Sound, and Animation Effects in MS PowerPoint
  • Add hyperlinks to slides
  • Use the Slide Navigator
  • Play a Slide Show
  • Create and Print Handouts


Some PowerPoint tips


Create a custom layout

Use the Slide Master to create a custom slide layout. If many slides have a slide layout that is much the same then create a custom slide layout. Use the Slide Master to create the placeholders, new Layout then insert Placeholders (text, picture, SmartArt, table, chart)


Limit Bullet Points

Do not try to cram too much into one slide. Better idea to split the content and create 2 or 3 slides. Also if you present too much material at one time people will be overwhelmed.


Paste Excel as Pictures

If an Excel chart is pasted into a PowerPoint slide it will insert the entire Excel file into the slide. Copy and paste the Excel charts as pictures – note if the entire workbook is in PowerPoint then people can access all the data


Add Sections

It is possible to add sections to PowerPoint slides, this makes organizing and editing easier as entire sections can be moved. Think of them like chapters in a book.


Add Logo to Master Slide

To ensure that your logo is always in the same position on the slide, place the logo on the Master Slide. Usually in a corner – the top right is the most common

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is tool you use to create presentations but the tool alone does not make a good presentation.

Have a Clear Outline

Make a list of the topics and subtopics – not too many but not too few either.

Target the level of the presentation to the audience

Are you giving a presentation to a highly technical group who know all the jargon OR to a board or execs who decide on the purchase but are not techy. If possible give a trial presentation to a small similar group, many organizations are looking for guest speakers and often give a small amount or a gift card.

Tell them what you will cover

Let them know from the start what you will cover. This way people know what to expect and will focus on that. if people have to be away for a while they will try and leave when you are covering a topics they are not interested in.

Add graphics to show a process

PowerPoint has built in shapes and also SmartArt. You can quickly add shapes such as squares & arrows to get your point across. SmartArt is a set of ready made shapes (such as arrows, or circle of discs with all the angles worked out – you just have to add it.

Use photgraphs

As the saying says “a picture is worth a thousand words. It is easy to get royalty free photos from the web or take your own. These will add greatly to your presentation. PowerPoint can edit photographs, recolor and crop them also


About our Training



We provide onsite fully customized training targeting your specific needs – not just a pre-set fixed agenda. The training can be with your own PowerPoint presentation and this means you are productive even on the training day, you will create your own slides and layouts. We work with you and build your training agenda based on your training objectives and goals. In Microsoft PowerPoint there are many possible layouts and while most people will use the Title and Text layout there are many more options. Also very useful is the SmartArt options. These are premade graphic shapes which can be used to enhance lists of bullet points and also cycle, process and pyramid shapes.


We provide onsite PowerPoint training in the Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Concord, Markham, Pickering, areas. We can come to your location so you and your team do not have to drive across town – no wasted time. We offer customized MS PowerPoint training for Employees, Managers, Executives involved in Financial, Accounting, Marketing, Sales etc. in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, and Cambridge, Canada. With onsite training a participant can only attend for a portion of the day and cover the topics that they need.


We provide courses on Microsoft Excel training PowerPivot, MS Access, Microsoft Project, Office 365 & SharePoint End-User. In MS Excel courses the trainer covers MS Excel data analysis, VLOOKUP, pivot tables, etc. PowerPivot training covers linking tables & DAX formulas Toronto. MS PowerPoint covers creating and organizing slides. Microsoft Project training covers Gantt charts & Scheduling. Training on SharePoint End-User Toronto covers Lists & libraries. Office 365 covers OneDrive, Sites, Outlook, Calendar We also offer onsite training in other Microsoft Office software: PowerPivot, MS Project, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Access, Office 365 and web apps and SharePoint end-user training.

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