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About our French Translations Services

We provide fast and accurate Quebec French translation services for your website and content. Our highly qualified translators are native French speakers with several years of experience. Our priority is to provide a reliable and professional service that is individually tailored to meet your specific needs.

Canadian & Quebec Expertise

Translating your website and content into French requires significant linguistic skill and technical expertise and therefore a general understanding of a language isn’t enough. To ensure both the language and industry specific terminology is correct, you need a professional translator who is also a professional in your field. We have the experience!

SEO in French

We will translate your user guides, manuals, strings, databases, webinars, e-learning and training documentation, tradeshows and marketing materials into Quebec French to enable your prospects to find you easily and rapidly. You can trust us to provide you with the right French translation.

Reach your Canadian Audience

Beyond translating the words, we make certain that your material is localized. We offer best-in-class methodology and the most advanced localization technologies to ensure that your website is ready for the Canadian market. You will be sure that you have a competive advantage.


Your French Translations for

Website + Content

French Translations for:

  • Web Content
  • Blog Copy
  • Graphics + Multimedia
  • PDFs

SEO in French

French Translations for:

  • Website Localization
  • Keywords + Metatags + Links
  • Metadata Optimization in French
  • Specific Content Writing


French Translations for:

  • Products Description
  • Software Localization
  • Metatags + Keywords + SEO
  • Site Content



Localization of Strings

French Translations for:

  • Databases
  • Software Text Strings
  • Best Practices
  • Reference Documentation

Marketing Material

French Translations for:

  • Packaging
  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Advertising
  • Point of Purchase


French Translations for:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Handouts, Litterature
  • Press Releases
  • POP


Why translate your website into Quebec French?

Grow Revenue
Increase Profit

Translating your website from English into Quebec French allows you to reach new customers and expand into the Quebec French market. By translating your digital marketing and social media into Quebec French you can diversify and reach your Quebec French audience: Emails, social media posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube Videos, SEO and online paid ads. You will reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Provide Better
Customer Experience

Your Quebec French speaking prospects are demanding a more positive online experience. They expect the time they invest on the Web to be worthwhile…  and in Quebec French. By reaching them in Quebec French your site will build solid relationships and generate positive buzz. Provide a quality store experience by translating your eCommerce site, product description and every interaction into Quebec French.

Drive Traffic
To your Site

Translating key elements of your online presence into Quebec French can dramatically increase your web traffic. Localizing your site for Quebec French can double your  SEO results. Content translated into Quebec French, blogs, keywords, metatags and white papers plays a critical role increases organic Quebec French traffic and will help your company thrive.


Professional French Translations
for your Website Content and SEO

Your Quebec French Translations Done Accurately and On Time


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Our Clients Include

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Agricultural Food Boards
  • Communications Companies
  • Digital + Internet Marketing Firms
  • Marketing + Advertising Firms
  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Over the counter Drug Companies
  • Health Association

French Translations for

  • Website Content
  • Emails + Blog Posts
  • Metatags + Keywords + Links
  • e-Commerce + Products Descriptions
  • Social Media + LinkedIn + Facebook etc…
  • SEO +  Localization
  • Graphics + Multimedia
  • White Papers
  • Marketing Material + Manuals
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