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About our French Translations Services

We  provide fast and accurate Quebec French translation services for many different food labels and packaging types. Our highly qualified translators are native French speakers with several years of experience. Our priority is to provide reliable and professional service that is individually tailored to meet your specific needs.

Canadian Industry Expertise

We know that your documents require industry-specific knowledge and therefore a general understanding of a language isn’t enough. To ensure both the language and industry specific terminology is correct, you need a professional translator who is also a professional in the food industry.  You will benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the Canadian language, culture, regulations and the food sector.We are based in Canada!

Canadian Compliant French Translation

We will translate your food labels & packaging, Nutrition Facts tables, ingredients list, and more into Quebec French to comply with Canadian regulations. Whether you are introducing a new food product or a new campaign in Canada and Quebec you can trust us to provide you with the right French translation. 

Selling Food Products to Canada?

If your business exports food products to Canada, you must ensure that the labeling is compliant and that all mandatory declarations on food labels be bilingual. All packaging must be bilingual English and French, obey strict guidelines and are required to comply with the same labeling requirements as foods produced in Canada. We will work with you to produce a fully bilingual food label.



Your French Translations for

Labelling & Packaging

French Translations for:

  • Food Labels & Packaging
  • Ingredient List
  • Nutrition Facts Tables
  • Health Claims & Statements
  • Romance Copy

Marketing & Campaigns

French Translations for:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Sell Sheets
  • Emails & Mailers

Cooking Instructions

French Translations for:

  • Cooking Directions
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Tips & Ideas
  • Cookbooks
  • Website Content



Food Tradeshows

French Translations for:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Handouts
  • Trade Show Litterature
  • Banners

Food & Beverage Industry

French Translations for:

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Staff Bulletins
  • Websites


French Translations for:

  • Menus
  • Restaurant Nutrition Facts
  • Websites
  • Promotional Materials


French Language Requirement in Canada. What do you need to know?

Packaging + Labelling
In English and French

It’s the Law! To be sold in Canada, prepackaged food products must be bilingual English and French. To satisfy the provincial and federal requirements you need to translate the entire label into French and give equal weight to the English and the French. We will translate your packaging and labels into Quebec French. Translating prepackaged food products into Quebec French for the Canadian market, that’s what we do!

Labelling Localization
For Canada

Your prepackaged food label needs to be localized for Canada and adhere to Canadian Federal and Provincial regulations: English and French Nutritional Facts Table, ingredient list, all net quantity using the metric system and more. There are also spelling differences: Labeling in the USA /Labelling in Canada…. Color in the USA / Colour in Canada. Is your label Canada ready?

Canadian Labelling
+ Packaging Standards

If you plan on packaging, distributing or selling food products in Canada, you must make sure they meet labelling standards and that includes nutritional information or health information on the labels of your food products. Food labeling requirements apply to producers, manufacturers, advertisers, importers and retailers of food products. Your labels must be translated and display both English and Quebec French in equal proportion.


Professional French Translations
for Food Labelling & Packaging

Your Quebec French Translations Done Accurately and On Time

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Our Food Clients Include

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Importers & Distributors
  • Food Labelling Consultants
  • Food Regulations Consultants
  • Food Services & Caterers
  • Agricultural Food Boards
  • Marketing & Advertising Firms
  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Food Regulatory Associations
  • Restaurants & Fast Food

French Translations for

  • Food Labelling & Packaging
  • Ingredient List & Nutrition Facts Table
  • Health Claims & Statements
  • Promotional & Sell Sheets
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Recipes & Romance Copy
  • Website Content
  • Advertising Copy
  • Marketing Material & Manuals
  • Point of Purchase
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